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Films You Can Use

Still from a Cry for Bobo

Spare a tear for the most wretched of God’s creatures, the lowly clown.

Still from the film Dangle where the man is about to pull the dangling rope

One of the best films we have found for moving image education in the classroom. Particularly for use with prediction skills, pausing the film at certain points and asking your class questions. There is some good cinematic composition and the lack of dialogue also helps.

Still from Kirran and the hatchmaker

Kirran is 12 and lives in rural Wales with his mum and dad. His first love is breeding and raising chickens, which he does with knowledge and passion.

Still from Little Dinosaurs

A five-year-old Scottish boy describes what he thinks a group of little dinosaurs should do when a big dinosaur starts bullying them. This animation provides a perfect vehicle to discuss bullying in a non-threatening context, and to begin to look at how short film texts are constructed.

Still from Meat the Campbells

When Mark hears the urban myth about the dietary habits of the new kid in school, the last thing he wants is to be invited round to dinner. His worst fears are realised when he has to endure a three-course meal at the Campbell family residence.

Still from Terrafarmer

A lone astronaut attempts to transform a hostile planet with a malfunctioning robot as his only companion. Every small success the Terrafarmer enjoys is decimated by the robot’s stupidity in a classic chalk and cheese comedy.

The Lucky Dip still from film

A classic starting point for film education, Lucky Dip has been used regularly in classrooms across Britain since release on the BFI's seminal Starting Stories DVD back in 2003.

Still from the Man with the beautiful eyes

This animated adaptation of Charles Bukowski’s poem of the same name has the poem read over a fluid series of images matched to the rhythm of the words. The narrator recounts his memory of a strange house where he and his friends spent the summer playing in the bamboo-filled yard.

Still from the sandman

A small boy's fear of the dark at bedtime is explored to brilliant effect in this exquisitely crafted Oscar-nominated short film from animator Paul Berry.

Still from the truth about tooth

This film is an excellent place to start exploring the relationship between fact and fiction.

Still from the way we played

It's spring 1992 and Bosnia is on the eve of war. Oblivious to the encroaching danger two friends Stevo and Ramiz play in the spring sunshine. They pretend to be pirates and look for treasure at a nearby abandoned fort.