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Little Dinosaurs

A five-year-old Scottish boy describes what he thinks a group of little dinosaurs should do when a big dinosaur starts bullying them. This animation provides a perfect vehicle to discuss bullying in a non-threatening context, and to begin to look at how short film texts are constructed.

Film Details

Duration 1 minute 12 seconds
Director Dana Dorian
Production Axis Animation
Year 2008
Genre Animation
Themes Bullying, Growing Up, Relationships
Curriculum Level Early
Curriculum Areas Literacy, English, Health & Wellbeing
  • Writer: Dana Dorian,
  • Editor: Dana Dorian,
  • Design: Dana Dorian,
  • Modelling: Cath Brooks, Steve Townrow, Dele Nuga,
  • Animation: Cath Brooks, Andy Miller, Steve Townrow,
  • Lighting/Compositing: Dana Dorian, Cath Brooks, Andy Miller,
  • Sound: Dana Dorian,
  • Voice Talent: Dana Dorian (Man) & Alex Dorian (Boy)

Key Learning

  • How narrative is created in film.
  • Every element of a visual image carries meaning.
  • Visual images can be ‘read’ like other texts.

You will need

TV and DVD player or computer, projector and screen.

A closer look using tools for reading film

Freeze Frame

Use the pause button to freeze the film on any short sequence of shots in the film.

  • Ask the pupils to describe exactly what they can see.
  • Where do you think the camera is? How far away is it?
  • How do we get from one shot to the next?
  • What can you tell about the characters from their size and shape?
  • What makes the big dinosaur different from the others?
  • What things can we see in the background? What do they tell us about the place?


Play the film and pause at the point where the boy says, ‘I have no idea’. Ask pupils to make suggestions of their own, or predict what will happen next.

Questions for discussion (evaluating)

  • How many voices can you hear? Who are they?
  • How many little dinosaurs can you see?
  • What does the big dinosaur have that makes him scary?
  • Why is the big dinosaur picking on the little dinosaurs?
  • What does the boy say the little dinosaurs should do if they are being bullied?
  • How do the little dinosaurs overcome the big dinosaur in the end?
  • What else do you think they could have done?
  • What would you have done?
  • What do you think will happen next?

Further activities



Tell the story as if you were one of the little dinosaurs.


Using a storyboard, draw a short sequence of shots from the film. Now ask pupils to imagine what would happen in the sequel and draw one or two shots from Little Dinosaurs II.

Art and Design


Draw a scene from the film, or find out more about dinosaurs and draw the one you like best to make a classroom display.


Learn how to make a simple cut-out animation or how to make a Flipbook from a series of simple drawings to make your story come to life.

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Curriculum for excellence outcomes

LIT0-01c, LIT0-07a, LIT0-16a, LIT0-09b, LIT0-26a, LIT0-31a, ENG0-17a, HWB0-04a, HWB0-05a, HWB0-09a, HWB0-44a, HWB0-44b