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Meat the Campbells

When Mark hears the urban myth about the dietary habits of the new kid in school, the last thing he wants is to be invited round to dinner. His worst fears are realised when he has to endure a three-course meal at the Campbell family residence. Mark cannot decide whats worse, not knowing whats in the soup, or worrying that he could be the next course.

Film Details

Duration 9 minutes 10 seconds
Director Simon Hynd
Production Plum Films
Year 2005
  • Screenplay: Michelle & Simon Hynd,
  • Producer: Micky MacPherson
    Derek Riddell, Michelle Gomez, Liam Bartie, James Milligan, Scott Ingles, Rameet Sandhu, Heather Corbett

Further Details

Meat the Campbells was produced by Plum Films' Micky MacPherson, written by Michelle and Simon Hynd, and directed by Simon Hynd.

Plum Films are proud to have pushed the boundaries of post production to the edge for this 2005 Tartan Small for the BBC and Scottish Screen. This was believed to have been the first production in Scotland shot entirely against green screen.

The film was made using a mixture of live action sequences for performance, with all backgrounds designed and created entirely in post production.