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The Lucky Dip

A classic starting point for film education, Lucky Dip has been used regularly in classrooms across Britain since release on the BFI's seminal Starting Stories DVD back in 2003.

Brevity, running at just over 3 minutes, is part of its strength; however, this film still packs a proper punch, with narrative twists and surprises. Its good use of point-of-view shots and a variety of shot types, make it valuable for studying with most of the related activities in our reading film section. Athole McLauchlan has created a fine teacher's tutorial tailored for this film.

This film has no dialogue; but the music, excellent design and the 3D model animation create a rich, atmospheric environment.

Film Details

Duration 3 minutes 15 seconds
Director Emily Skinner
Production Slinky Pictures
Year 2001
Themes Family, Stereotypes, Misconception
Curriculum Level 3
  • Animator: Emily Skinner
  • Producer: Maria Manton