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Cry For Bobo

Spare a tear for the most wretched of God’s creatures, the lowly clown.

Driven by grinding poverty and stupidity, Bobo and Coco commit a daring but dumb robbery. Fingered by a treacherous bucket vendor, Bobo and Coco fall into the clutches of clown-hating copper D.I. Martineau and are slung into the slammer.

A distressed Bobo then discovers that his wife Betty and son Joey are fed up with his antics and plan to run off and join the Civil Service. Can Bobo escape from clown prison and find his family in time to stop them? Probably not.

Use this film in teaching human rights.

Film Details

Duration 10 minutes
Director David Cairns
Production A Forged Films production for BBC Scotland/Scottish Screen's Tartan Shorts scheme
  • Writer: David Cairns,
  • Producer: Nigel R. Smith,
  • Editor: Bert Eeles,
  • Directory of Photography: Scott Ward,
  • Sound: Angus McPake,
  • Music: Haftor Medboe,
  • Production Design: Tom Sayer,
  • Costume design: Alison Mitchell,
  • Make up/hair design: Angela Murray,
  • Sound Design: John Cobban
  • Bobo: Mark McDonnell,
  • Coco: Steven McNicoll,
  • Betty: Tracey Robertson,
  • D.I. Harry Martineau: Gavin Mitchell,
  • Shopkeeper: James Bryce,
  • Joey: Lewis Read,
  • Prison Warden: J. William Andrews