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The Truth about Tooth

This film is an excellent place to start exploring the relationship between fact and fiction. It employs different filmmaking techniques associated with both documentary and fiction films, as well as featuring a subject to which each viewer brings their own experience and understanding.

Allow the class to come to the film fresh. Don't give them too much information beforehand.

Film Details

Duration 9 minutes 45 seconds
Director Hazel Baillie
Production Bridging The Gap. Scottish Documentary Institute/Edinburgh College of Art

Discussion notes

  • When it began, what were your impressions about what you were watching? Why? What made you think this?
  • Was there a particular moment when your impressions of the film changed? What led to this? What was the class reaction at the time?
  • How would you describe what kind of film this is? Is it easy to put into a particular category?
  • Can you identify different things the filmmaker has done that you would normally find in a factual film, and things they have done that you associate with fictional films?
  • Why do you think the filmmaker has chosen to use each of these techniques in this film?
  • Did the way the film was made suit what it was about?