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Production is all about the shoot itself. And this section focuses on what is happening when the camera rolls: Staging the action, operating the camera, drawing the animation and recording the sound.

Production department

The production department look after everything that makes sure the film can happen smoothly. There are all sorts of tasks the Production Department do: checking that people are in the right place at the right time, and they get paid, and that they're safe.

Remember the production department is already up and running during pre-production

Art department

Learn the basics of production design - with lots of useful images and clips to help style your film.


Getting good results is more about how you shoot things than having the best kit in the world.


The world is filled with all sorts of noises you don't want in your video. Especially in schools! These pages will help you get the best sound possible for your production.


Special effects do not have to be complex and overwhelming, we have selected a number of easy ways to add magic if your film requires it.

Shoot kit check list

A prioritised check list of things that you might want to consider taking out on a shoot.

Remember although animation, documentary and found footage are separate sections on this site, most of the production pages are still relevant