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Animation of the human form.

Pixillation is suitable for 5 years and up

Pixillation is where you work in real environments and film human beings as if they were animated puppets. It is a great one to experiment with, as you don't have to build sets or design models. It is fairly immediate and can be a lot of fun.

Start with animation experiments such as: the whole group coming out of a box only big enough for one, or children sitting on chairs that move around of their own accord.

In this clip. Sarah Felton from Denny High School discusses how great pixillation is for teaching in the classroom

Pixillation has nothing to do with computer pixels, or the pixellate filter you find in Photoshop

You can also combine stop-motion things into the same shot with the humans, and it can look stunning. Although everyone has to stand still, waiting for the animator, which loses some of the speed of pixillation.