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Also known as CGI & 3D

Computer animation is the rising star of animation, movies are full of it, computer games rely on it, and there is a lot of interest in it.

If you want to create animation there are some simple programmes that children can use; and if you already have a suite of reasonably powerful computers, basic forms of computer generated animation may be a real possibility.

This is a rapidly evolving area, and currently this site does not provide information. However there are a number of programmes people have used successfully with young people.


With Pivot you can create animations easily, just move sections of the stick figure and create a sequence of frames you can also create your own figure using objects made of lines and circles.


Flash (now called Adobe Animate) Is a powerful animation package, which is not cheap, but quickly gets young people hooked; and there is an excellent tutorial to get you started. Available for the Mac and PC, this is a tool that children as young as 13 can get into. If the costs put you off, many arts centres run courses as a starting point.


Poser and Anime are animation programme which can achieve a great deal, and older students have had good experience with.


Flipbook from Benneton is one of the quickest and easiest we have seen. Its very basic, but it works and, when you have finished you can choose options to embed your movie or because it is a .gif you can just right click on it to download.


If this drawn style of computer animation works for you then there is a more advanced program called Toon Boom.

Any feedback with your experiences of 'easy to use' computer animation software for young people would be most welcome.