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The Pitch


The Truth About Tooth was made as part of a documentary scheme called Bridging The Gap, and the theme for applications was 'Lies'.
Since we're going to ask the class to pitch their own ideas for a film based on this theme, you might want to keep the film for watching at the end of this activity.

How to do this activity

Working in small groups or pairs, ask the class to think of a subject they would choose if they were to apply to the same scheme.

How would they go about filming it? What techniques would they use?

Ask them to prepare a short pitch to deliver to the rest of the class:

  • Give the proposed film a title.
  • Some groups might also want to use a tagline: one catchy sentence that sums up the spirit of the film and gets the audience's attention.
  • Say briefly what the film is about.
  • And why it's interesting, if that isn't obvious.
  • Then describe how it would be filmed and edited - Is it live action or animation? Documentary style or fiction - or a mixture?
  • Is it like something else we've seen before? A feature film, or a TV programme, a mobile phone film, a news programme, an advert... ?

The pitches should be no more than 2 minutes!

Share & discuss

The class then votes on which ones they would want to make and see. Or, if you don't want a vote, they could offer suggestions for how they would do it.