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Budget and Financing

How much does it cost to make a film with young people depends on a number of variables:

  • Complexity of project
  • How much time can be dedicated to it
  • The 'production values' you are aiming for.

Securing project funding can be difficult (though film does have advantages because you end up with a tangible long lasting product) nevertheless, there are a range of potential sources, limited only by your time! Of course external funding may not be needed if a school has sufficient equipment, a modest materials budget and a team with determination.

Key budget considerations

  • Equipment: cameras, sound kit, computer
  • Consumables: tape stock, gaffer, batteries
  • Materials: props, plasticine for model animation
  • Costume, make up
  • Location fees
  • Travel
  • Food (subsistence)
  • Edit & post production costs
  • Musician
  • Screening event eg invites, refreshments
  • Insurance (you might need it)
  • Contingency

Starter sources

When asking for funding

  • Construct your budgets carefully.
  • Ask for slightly more than you need (contingency).
  • Multiple small funding sources can be very successful, but take more administration and time.
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Herman Mankiewicz talking about Hollywood

No budget

It's amazing what you can achieve with careful negotiations, help from friends and family, a little bit of begging and borrowing. Check out The Guerilla Film Maker's Handbook for how some feature films got made.

However low your budget, never skimp on health and safety.