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Weird and Whacky

Preparation brainstorm

As a class watch short film Meat the Campbells. Discuss what is odd and what is normal about the Campbells? The Campbells are intriguing because apart from dining on children, they are very ordinary people. You just know Mrs Campbell would expect perfect table manners even when dishing up rather dodgy food!

Campbell's cookbook

Mrs Campbell has unique talents in cooking and entertaining. Produce your own Campbell's Cookbook - the more revolting the better! Download our Recipe Template for each pupil's dish. When they are finished 'bind' them into a class recipe book. Pictures from Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes might give you inspiration.

Exploring further

Your pupils could choose one of the Campbells to write a biopic about. Include likes / dislikes / hobbies / favourite book, tv programme etc.

Imagine them in other everyday situations e.g. Sports Day, Parents' Evening etc

Weird and whacky camera angles

There are lots of strange and whacky camera angles and movements-how many can the children spot ?

The Campbells was shot entirely against green screen with the backgrounds designed and added afterwards - giving rather surreal colours and an almost comic book effect

Weird and whacky sounds

Investigate the sound. Sound is so integral we are almost unaware of it on first viewing. Pupils have to really focus on their listening skills. There are some very strange sound effects and more music than your pupils will have imagined!

Follow up exercise

Cross-curricular link - write a leaflet with healthy eating guidelines for Mark.