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Give the class a selection of Youtube videos. In pairs or small groups (or even a whole group discussion) choose a few (3 or 4) to study:

  • Who has made the video?
  • Who was the video originally made for?
  • Is this audience different from the intended audience?
  • How has the film been made?
  • Why do you think this was put on YouTube?

Questions to consider...

  • How do you know if something is official on YouTube? Possible prompts: username, other videos by that users, video quality
  • How do artists like Kylie make money from videos being shown on music TV or played on the radio? Possible prompts: advertising revenue
  • How do artists make money from videos being shown on YouTube? Possible prompts: Advertising? Increased fan base; fans more likely to buy CD/DVD if they like track? Fans more likely to attend gigs (and buy CDs and t-shirts etc while there)
  • Do you care where you get a song or video from? (Perhaps ask this before starting topic and again after)
  • What's wrong with downloading music and videos illegally? Possible prompts: artists don't get money; poor quality; you could get caught/fined On the other hand: increased awareness of artists, maybe more sales?