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Think before you watch

Children are naturally very familiar with viewing things - so encourage them to think before they watch.


Stimulate interest

Use an object, photograph, painting or feely bag to stimulate interest & discussion in the film. Can they trace the clues and make any predictions about what they are about to watch?

TV times

Discuss today"s TV listings or the week's film listings.

  • Why are certain shows on at certain times
  • Who are they targeted at
  • Or create a mock TV Times page that includes information about your film clip on it.
  • What programmes would they prefer to watch?
  • Why do they think it sounds good?
  • Do any clash?

This is useful for discussing the idea of choice and personal preference.


Prepare a multiple choice quiz about your chosen film.

After viewing

Play Just a minute

Play "Just A Minute" (see the Wikipedia page) and ask the pupils to talk about certain aspect of the film for a minute. You should obviously be class-appropriate when it comes to applying the rules of hesitation, repetition and deviation.


Refresh previous learning with a quick fire question and answer session.

Hot seat

Choose a character from the film and encourage a pupil to take on the role and let other pupils ask questions about them.


Ask the children to bring in an object related to the film. These could be developed into a classroom display eg. holiday souvenirs for a film about tourism, examples of advertising when watching TV adverts, etc