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Media Diary

For a week write down everything you watch and where you watched it, for example the TV channel you watched or if it was a website like YouTube, or or downloaded video, the internet over a week, what they do on the internet and how they access it (computer, mobile, TV, etc) Try not to view more than you normally would and be honest about the times you write down.

Ask your parents or guardians to help you write it down or to remind you if you forget

Download the pdf table for each class member to fill in; and if it helps there is a version with examples partially filled in, to give clues as to what might be included.

In groups

After a week, compare your diary with your group. What did you watch that was the same? Did you watch it at the same time?

After research

  • How much of your viewing was 'live' (eg watched at the time it was broadcast)?
  • How much was viewed on TV and how much on a computer (or a mobile or ipod etc)?
  • How much did you view with other people?
  • Were you more likely to watch with other people if you were watching TV?
Many teachers said it would be "too alarming to find out how much my class watch", However, treat it as a way for a group to start understanding the process of data collection, and at least the class discussion afterwards is bound to be lively!

Extension question 1

If we can skip adverts more easily in programmes, how do TV channels pay for making programmes? Have you seen companies advertise in different ways?

Moving Image and internet free week

Ask the class to then spend a week (five days not the weekend) without social media, the internet or moving images. The pupils should log as a diary again. What did they have to do differently etc? Suggest calling friends rather than texting or instagramming so they really limit everything.